personal emergency evacuation plans

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and The Equality Act 2010, all building managers are required to develop emergency plans which enable everyone including disabled people to escape from the building in the event of fire.

Emergency plans must not rely on the assistance of the Fire and Rescue Services in order to make them work presents building managers with a difficult task.

Increased response times from emergency services and Government Guidance means that ‘stayput’ policies are no longer appropriate however the development of phased evacuation plans is a specialised area.  It is therefore essential that evacuation planning includes the evacuation of disabled people to a place of ultimate safety.

Our multi-discipline team will work with you to develop an effective PEEPs process.  This will be appropriate for your organisation whether it is a single office building, a high-rise providing social housing accommodation or a public access building such as a shopping mall or airport.

An evacuation plan will include:

  • How disabled people will be identified;
  • A consultation exercise with all stakeholders including disabled people;
  • Analysis of the barriers which may impede an evacuation and solutions for resolution;
  • An effective strategy for implementing the evacuation of disabled people;
  • How the PEEPs process will operate;
  • Assistance with the communication strategy will ensure that all occupants of the building fully understand and are able to execute the defined strategy for disabled people in the event.

Alternatively, we can deliver our PEEPs Training Course  to your managers and staff at either in-house or public courses.