disabled evacuation

TripleAconsult provides a whole range of services to resolve issues that protect the building occupants from the effects of fire and building managers from potential litigation:

egress assessments

An egress assessment is the starting point for any evacuation plan.  It identifies any barriers to the evacuation of any person who may have difficulty in evacuating a building.  The assessment includes barriers for those people who are visually and sight impaired, those with learning difficulties and mental health conditions in addition to those who are mobility impaired.

disabled evacuation strategies

Strategic plans for the phased evacuation of disabled people inclusive of the definition of suitable refuges; colour navigation for escape routes; signage; two-way communication systems.

Strategies can be drafted for multiple property portfolios or single buildings.

disabled emergency plans

The development of emergency plans covering fire, internal and external bomb evacuation plans for building managers, staff and occupants to ensure the safety of disabled people in the event of fire.

disabled evacuation plans

Detailed evacuation plans supported by 3D plans showing escape routes, refuges and assisted escape devices.

assisted escape devices

Purchasing correct assisted escape devices appropriate to an organisation is essential in order to reduce costs and add value.  An analysis of the target environment and building usage enables appropriate solutions to be implemented.