Evacuation training courses

Our modular training courses provide industry practioners with the knowledge required to meet the requirements of the Law in a cost-effective manner.  Each module is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the delegate’s industry sectors.

PEEPs for Professionals:  a two-day course which is essential training for all those responsible for meeting or enforcing  the requirements of The RRO, Building Regulations and The Equality Act 2010.  This course provides training  for the evacuation of non-disabled people in addition to vulnerable and disabled people.

Practical PEEPs:  a one-day course aimed at those responsible for assessing individuals and preparing their PEEPs within an existing PEEPs structure.  This one day course covers a brief overview of The Law and Guidance, the effect of disability on evacuation, how to assess a disabled person and barriers to their evacuation, identifying the most appropriate evacuation approach & evacuation aid, documenting and reviewing PEEPs

PEEPs for Board Members: a half-day, in-house course providing a high-level overview of legislative requirements, penalties for non-compliance and effective strategies for Board Members.

What goes in, must come out: a half-day seminar style taster course providing an overview of legal requirements, how impairment effects evacuation strategies and how to resolve issues.

In-house courses: these courses are tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs and is a cost-effective solution for training multiple delegates.