All training interventions are specifically tailored to meet individual programme needs and can be delivered for a variety of specific groups of stakeholders:

  • Board of Directors
  • Strategic managers
  • Middle managers
  • Supervisors/team leaders
  • Frontline staff
  • Support staff

understanding the legislation

Our equality awareness sessions provides you with an understanding of how the equality legislation affects you.

understanding the needs of disabled people

We will give you and your employees an overview of the wide range of disabilities covered by the legislation and their needs. As a result, your front line employees will have the confidence to provide an effective service to your disabled customers.

sessions tailored for your requirements

Each session is flexible and tailored for your requirements. Unlike many other providers, we cover the transference of risk to third parties and the use of cost effective solutions. We also cover the often forgotten but essential area of emergency egress for all disabled people.

emphasis on business benefit

The 8.7 million people covered by the Act are estimated to have a spending power of £50 billion, we therefore emphasise the benefits of making services and workplaces accessible for everyone.